Image with the text Quill & Cue BE THEIR JOY.

About Us

At Quill & Cue, we believe in spreading unexpected joy.

I love the magic of a handwritten note. I’m a magnet to stationery stores and spinning card racks. I have boxes of beautiful cards, just waiting for an occasion.  Starting this company and envisioning all of the happy notes going out into the world is a dream come true.

At the foundation of Quill & Cue is a hope that we will make someone feel seen. A note in your own handwriting, in your own words, can do just that. Not every card has to resonate with its recipient for decades, but you never know just how much a simple card can mean.

Join us in this movement. A small gesture can change the world – and with a community of people like you, we’re doing that one card at a time.

Alyssa Toft, Founder

Photo of founder