Quill & Cue is a subscription card service that inspires you to do something simple but impactful – send one handwritten card per month.

To you, writing and sending that card may be a moment for gratitude, reflection, and connection. To the person who receives it, it could mean everything.

We make it easy.

Once per month, your surprise letter-writing kit will arrive. You’ll receive a beautiful card – selected by us and left blank – along with the envelope, stamp, and our signature Cue Card (this could make all the difference).

Wait, what's a Cue Card?

The goal of Quill & Cue is to inspire you to send one handwritten card per month. You might know exactly who your card will go to that month. That's great!

If you aren't sure, or if you like the idea of surprise inspiration, that's where our signature Cue Cards come in. Each month, your letter-writing kit will contain a new Cue Card with clever prompts to help you pick a recipient and craft your message. No writer’s block here!

For kids, too!

If you know a thoughtful kid who would love writing and sending "real" cards to friends and family, we've got you covered with our kid subscription!

The kid subscription features whimsical designs and kid-specific Cue Cards to get them thinking about who they appreciate and why. Give an opportunity for the bright young minds in your life to put pen to paper and send it off into the world!